Bonetta Filler Deep (2x1ml)

Bonetta Filler Deep (2x1ml)


Produit en Corée du Sud, Bonetta Filler Deep est une charge d'acide hyaluronique de qualité à bas prix. Il livre élimination instantanée des rides profondes, y compris les rides du sourire. En outre, le produit a de bonnes propriétés volumatrices et il peut améliorer l'apparence des lèvres et des pommettes. Mieux encore, ce traitement anti-âge est indolore car la charge comporte un anesthésique local.

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    La description

    Effects of Bonetta Filler Deep

    Every pack of the product features 24mg/mL of HA. The ingredient is naturally present in the human body. Plus, it slowly dissolves in the tissues. Before it does, however, the substance helps patients look younger through effects such as:

    • Skin hydration
    • Correction of deep facial wrinkles
    • Lip plumping
    • Cheek enhancement

    Treatment Protocol

    The HA of Bonetta Filler Deep has a moderate thickness. So, it is best if the product is applied in the medium layer of the skin via injection. There, it can easily smooth deep folds and add extra volume.

    For the most part, the HA filler adapts to the structure of the skin, offering natural-looking results. Still, plastic surgeons must never use it around the eyes. Instead, they should apply it to one or more of the following areas of the face:

    • Front
    • Between the eyebrows
    • Cheeks
    • Around the mouth
    • Lips

    After the treatment, some patients may experience redness and itching. Yet, most will not need downtime.

    Typically, the anti-aging effects of Bonetta Filler Deep last for up to a year. However, doctors can prolong its action by scheduling a follow-up session every few months.

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