RE:Prima 2mg Polynucléotide (1 x 1.1ml)

RE:Prima 2mg Polynucléotide (1 x 1.1ml)


Tout comme son produit sœur RE : Prima offre une alternative abordable à la marque européenne la plus connue. Ce produit de comblement tire pleinement parti des propriétés bénéfiques des lynucléotides dérivés du saumon et constitue une solution de traitement de la peau très efficace et un outil de thérapie anti-âge. Applicable sur toute la zone du visage, il brille vraiment pour le traitement de la peau sous les yeux.

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As far as Korean skinboosters go, RE:Prima Polynucleotide is up there with the best of them. This type of filler gel is known to be highly effective for skin rejuvenation and is scientifically proven to notably boost collagen, elastin and fibroblast production in the skin. But there is more – it will not only deal away with the skin’s premature aging and wrinkles, but also help with skin wounds, scars and even acne. Let’s dive deeper

Advantages of RE:Prima

REPrima is a versatile Polynucleotide filler and as such boasts the following features:

  1. The power of nature: salmon-derived Polynucleotide based products are proven to be among the most effective skin boosting solutions
  2. Multi-level treatment: RE:Prima addresses various skin issues and is not limited to pure wrinkle treatment. IT can help with hyperpigmentation and is also effective with scar tissue and acne scar removal. And it treats enlarged skin pores.
  3. Custom tailored: although versatile, this PN filler truly shines when used under the eyes, to remove eyebags and dark circles

As it stimulates the skin to synthesize higher levels of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts, RE:Prima directly affects the skin’s cellular matrix, restoring elasticity and radiance. If your goals is to brighten, heal, or smooth, this dermal filler acts as a holistic solution.

Easy to apply and with lasting results, the RE:Prima Polynucleotide filler has a protocol of three treatments, with four weeks in between each, for the most optimal and lasting skin rejuvenating and boosting results.

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