Aqualyx – 10 x 8 ml

Aqualyx – 10 x 8 ml


Aqualyx, également connu sous le nom de « la solution de Motolese » est un puissant et produit anti-graisse très efficace qui se concentre sur la fourniture aux patients un traitement des adiposités localisées sans douleur. Il est appliqué par Intralipothérapie et lorsqu'il est associé à la sonification des tissus, ses propriétés brûle-graisses peuvent facilement concurrencer les effets de la liposuccion. En commandant cette injection lipolytique saine auprès de Dermal Cosmetics, vous l'obtiendrez avec une expédition internationale rapide.

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    La description

    An innovative fat-dissolving product

    Unlike most other world-class lipolytic injectables, Aqualyx is not based on Phosphatidylcholine (PC). Instead, it relies on a 12 alpha-dihydroxy-5beta-24-oico cholanic acid sodium salt which directly affects the membrane of fat cells and successfully reduces or even eliminates fat deposits on various zones of the face and body such as:

    • Hips and thighs
    • Abdomen (e.g. tummy fat)
    • Knees
    • Menton
    • Arms (e.g. bingo wings)
    • Back (including muffin tops)
    • Area under the buttocks

    It can easily remove incredibly stubborn fat pockets that are slow to respond to standard weight-loss strategies revolving around dieting and exercising. The greatest thing about this top-selling fat-dissolving product is that it delivers localized adiposity results that can be permanent as long as the patient leads a healthy and balanced lifestyle and does not gain any excess weight.

    What is Intralipotherapy?

    Aqualyx is administered into the adipose tissue via injection. To do that, board-certified plastic surgeons must rely on a new-generation injection technique called Intralipotherapy. It has been developed by Prof. P. Motolese specially for this outstanding fat-dissolving product and it makes the procedure pain-free, effective and safe. Only those clinicians who have been trained to apply this infusion technique can perform treatments with this solution. To further boost the fat-melting properties of this product and reduce adipose tissue’s thickness, they can also carry out cavitational adipocytolysis using a medium-frequency ultrasound.

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