Regenovue fina (1 x 1 ml)


Regenovue fina (1 x 1 ml)


¿Está buscando una inyección fina de relleno de ácido hialurónico que ofrezca resultados más duraderos y de aspecto natural para eliminar las líneas finas? Dermal Cosmetics ha encontrado la mejor opción para usted: Regenovue Fine. Hecho de HA de primera calidad a partir de materias primas no animales 100%, este producto tiene una longevidad de efectos sorprendentes de hasta 18 meses. Su precio razonable lo lleva un paso por delante de sus rivales.


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Regenovue Fine offers premium quality at a low price

There are not many effective skin fillers on the market that can be purchased at an affordable price. Try as you might but you will also struggle to find a line removal product that is both cheap and of outstanding quality. With this option here, you can kill two birds in one stone because it offers guaranteed durable results and a low cost. To top it all, Regenovue Fine has a wide application when it comes to fast skin rejuvenation as it can treat:

  • Neck folds
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Glabellar lines
  • Periorbital creases

Because of its wallet-friendly price, this solution is ideal for patients who are seeking an inexpensive way to get rid of their shallow wrinkles and small facial imperfections.

The magical qualities of Hyaluronic Acid

Regenovue Fine contains 24mg/ml of HA with a cross-linked structure and zero ingredients of animal origin. This special component is not toxic or dangerous because it is naturally found in the human organism. That is why, when injected into the soft tissue, it rarely leads to undesirable results. Instead, it does an excellent job at rehydrating, plumping and volumizing the skin and, by doing so, it also removes superficial lines and wrinkles.

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