Zishel Rose Touch (1 x 1 ml)


Zishel Rose Touch (1 x 1 ml)


Touch es el relleno de la línea Zishel Rose más adecuado para realzar los labios de los pacientes. Además, este inyectable de Ácido Hialurónico es muy eficaz para eliminar arrugas y líneas de piel del rostro. El efecto general es el rejuvenecimiento y el aspecto más juvenil del paciente, todo gracias a la inyección de un gel de relleno puro. Además, este producto HA de alta calidad no tiene efectos secundarios fuertes y se ha demostrado que es completamente biocompatible.


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Treatment with the Zishel Rose Tocuh in short

Zishel Touch is more durable, compared to most fillers on the market, and more resistant to the effects of the body’s enzymes, which dissolve injected HA gel. This makes the visible effect of the injection to last longer, with results of at least four months (depends on a variety of factors). What makes this a great choice for lip enhancement and shaping is the excellent viscoelasticity of the Hyaluronic Acid gel that is injected in the skin.

As far as side effects and overall patient safety goes – no severe and dangerous side effects are to be expected. An injection with Zishel Rose Touch will either have no side effect or present mild discomfort in temporary redness, bruising, sensitivity or extra tenderness in the injected area, which normally subsides from a couple of hours to a day or two. Other fillers for the removal of delicate and superficial wrinkles tend to have longer periods of post-injection discomfort.

The duration of the filler depends on a multitude of factors – patient’s overall health, metabolism, lifestyle, environmental factors, etc. but stable results in the range of at least four months are to be expected. Since this is a temporary lip filler and/or wrinkle removal solution, it is advised that periodic subsequent injections are made to maintain the achieved results.

Fast results and naturally looking lips and face

The grain size of Zishel Touch is only 200µm, which makes if more than ideal to be used as a lip filler. Further, fillers with such parameters are very effective in dealing with very fine skin lines or delicate wrinkles on the face.

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