Luthione (10 viales)

Luthione (10 viales)


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Producida por Daehan New Pharm, Luthione es una inyección para blanquear la piel de primera categoría que es adecuado tanto para hombres como para mujeres. El producto contiene el antioxidante Glutatión que mejora el aspecto de la piel. Además, el ingrediente tiene excelentes propiedades antienvejecimiento, desintoxicantes y beneficiosas para la salud. Aunque los efectos del tratamiento no son instantáneos, son duraderos y fáciles de conservar.

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    How Does Luthione Work?

    As mentioned, the injection contains Glutathione. The component is a safe skin brightening agent that reduces the production of melanin. By doing so, it corrects skin flaws such as freckles or dark spots and patches. Also, it prevents collagen from breaking down which gives the skin a youthful and refreshed look.

    Best of all, the product helps not only the skin but also the health of the patient. When injected in the body, it has the following effects:

    • Toxin flushing
    • Healthy liver function
    • Immune system improvement
    • Increase of Vitamins C and E levels

    The Glutathione in the product also fights the negative action of free radicals. As a result, it protects the skin and the body on a cellular level.

    How Effective Is the Luthione Injection?

    Most patients can see a positive change in the condition of their skin after a few procedures. By the end of the treatment (after five to ten weeks), they will enjoy a lighter and healthier-looking complexion. Still, the results of the therapy differ for every patient since they depend on a person’s metabolic rate. However, most people are highly satisfied with the effects of the product.

    The product is part of Daehan New Pharm’s Cindella skin brightening complex collection. So, Luthione can be applied together with the company’s Cindella and Vitamin C injections.

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