Dermaheal HL (10 viales x 5ml)

Dermaheal HL (10 viales x 5ml)


Dermaheal HL es la prueba viviente de que los productos de mesoterapia de alta calidad pueden ayudar a los pacientes que sufren pérdida de cabello. Ahora disponible en la tienda en línea de Dermal Cosmetics, esta solución purificada puede brindar un efecto de tratamiento positivo en solo 6 semanas. Tanto hombres como mujeres pueden beneficiarse de una terapia con este producto que obtiene su fuerza de los diversos minerales, aminoácidos, vitaminas y péptidos de su composición.

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    An anti-hair loss mesotherapy solution of a new kind

    Dermaheal HL does more than simply slow down or stop the hair loss process. It also encourages follicles to work extra hard and to produce new hair. Because of its fantastic properties, it can be used on people who have genetic or age-related hair loss problems, as well as on those who suffer from conditions such as alopecia.

    • Scalp and hair moisturization
    • Hair growth stimulation
    • Hair follicles strengthening
    • Increasing hair thickness
    • Improving scalp’s blood circulation

    What a standard session with Dermaheal HL is like?

    As a premium-range mesotherapy product, only certified and trained medical and cosmetic professionals are to carry out a treatment with this solution. Dermaheal HL is injected into the problem zones of the scalp. This process is done with a super-thin needle and it normally does not involve too much pain or discomfort for the patient. During the first week of the therapy, the patient undergoes 3 injection sessions. For optimal results, additional sessions may be scheduled. The first effects can be observed in a matter of 6 weeks after the initial procedure.

    This new-generation mesotherapy injectable does not contain any toxic or aggressive ingredients. Instead, it is mainly composed of minerals, vitamins, peptides, enzymes, and amino acids. For that reason, it is not harmful or dangerous for human health.

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