Cindella (ácido tióctico) - 10 x 5 ml

Cindella (ácido tióctico) - 10 x 5 ml


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Cindella es una soberbia inyección para blanquear la piel que contiene ácido tióctico, un potente antioxidante. Producido por Daehan New Pharm de Corea del Sur, este producto proporcionará a los pacientes un tono de piel más claro. Además, sus poderes anti-envejecimiento mejorarán la elasticidad de la piel y refrescarán su apariencia. Lo mejor de todo es que la inyección actúa como una vitamina para estimular el sistema inmunológico.

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    Indications and Contraindications of Cindella

    The product can correct a long list of cosmetic concerns. Furthermore, the product cleans toxins out of the body and improves patients’ health. As a result, it offers the following effects:

    • Removal of age spots, and freckles, and dark spots
    • Reduction of enlarged pores
    • Brightening of the skin tone
    • Strengthening of the immune system
    • Skin rejuvenation

    The reason behind Cindella Injection’s unique properties is the ingredient Thioctic acid or Alpha-Lipoic acid. The component is safe and does not cause side effects because it is naturally found in the human body. Since A-Lipoic acid is an antioxidant, it has vitamin-like powers. So, it increases the levels of Vitamins C and E, making it quite good for our health.

    For the most part, a treatment with this anti-pigmentation injection is risk-free. Still, its use is not suitable for several types of patients, including:

    • People with heart problems
    • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
    • Patients with a vitamin allergy

    Cindella Skin Whitening Collection

    For better results, the injectable can be combined with the other two products from the Cindella skin brightening set. Those are the Luthione and Vitamin C injections. When used together, the injectables boost collagen production and give skin a radiant look. As a result, patients enjoy an even skin tone and a youthful complexion.

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