Optivisc M (1 x 2 m)

Optivisc M (1 x 2 m)


El tratamiento de la osteoartritis de rodilla normalmente implica el uso de productos farmacéuticos potentes o incluso cirugía. Sin embargo, con el Optivisc M gel inyectable, existe una alternativa mucho menos invasiva para el tratamiento de formas leves a moderadamente graves de osteoartritis. Un gel médico, a base de ácido hialurónico derivado de la biofermentación, esta forma de Optivisc también contiene manitol, un poderoso antioxidante que hace que el gel HA sea más resistente al metabolismo del cuerpo.

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    Hyaluronic acid is an important substance, which is found in the bodies of humans and animals, as well as in plants. It has been popular with the beauty industry for decades, due to its ability to retain hundreds of times its own weight in water. This makes it the perfect solution for the development of an injectable gel that helps with hydration or, as in this case, lubrication. Since the HA is natural to the human body, the Optivisc M is completely bio-degradable with no adverse side effects.

    While in its natural form Hyaluronic acid is quite volatile – the body’s enzymes dissolve it fairly quickly, the gel of the Optivisc M viscosupplement injections also contains Mannitol, which makes the molecular structure of the HA much more resistant. Thus the product provides optimal results in treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis for the duration of six months.

    An overview of the Optivisc M

    • Smooth injectable gel for osteoarthritis
    • Comes pre-filled in a syringe
    • Hyaluronic acid concentration – 20ml/mg
    • Contains 0.5% of Manitol

    The main focus of the usage of this product is to lessen or completely remove the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis for at least half an year. Typical ailments of this condition are pain, stiffness, swelling and reduced mobility of the joints. This is result from the decrease of quantity and quality of Synovial fluid. The Hyaluronic acid helps it restore its lubricating and filtering properties, while at the same time itself adding protection to the joints.

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