CUERPO DE GINO - 45g / 1.52oz

CUERPO DE GINO - 45g / 1.52oz


We, at Dermal Cosmetics, have found the perfect product for the treatment of keratosis pilaris – GINO BODY. This inexpensive spicule cream has a fast peeling effect that smooths the surface of the skin and it reaches its deeper layers to naturally improve its local immunity. It is produced by market leader GANA R&D and it also contains non-aggressive ingredients such as Urea, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, and Glycolic Acid.

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    GINO BODY – the best way to treat keratosis pilaris

    While most products developed for the treatment of keratosis pilaris offer only temporary relief for patients with this cosmetic concern, GINO BODY has the power to eliminate that problem once and for all. It treats both the surface and deep layers of the skin, exfoliating and hydrating the former and strengthening the latter. It takes minutes to apply but the health-boosting effects of freshwater Poriferan are long-lasting.

    • Designed to treat people with keratosis pilaris
    • Topical use only
    • Can be applied on all types of skin
    • Does not contain chemicals
    • No needles, no downtime, no pain

    Painless peeling process

    Even though the spicules of Spongilla sponges are known for leaving a tingling feeling in the skin when they penetrate it, a peeling treatment with this product is pain-free. Since this solution is mainly based on ingredients of a natural origin, it hides no risk of side effects. The freshwater Poriferan spicules in GINO BODY safely penetrate the skin that initiates a process of cell division. In about three days, dead skin cells are shredded by the patient’s body, allowing the skin to produce new dermal cells that strengthen its surface and improve its health and condition. That successfully boosts skin’s immunity, enabling it to easily fight off any other potential keratosis pilaris flareups.

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