A-Jax Keen Sublime (1 x 1,1 ml)

A-Jax Keen Sublime (1 x 1,1 ml)


Cuando se trata de aumentar los rasgos faciales, sin hacer concesiones, A-Jax Keen Sublime es el relleno para esculpir. Manteniéndose firme frente a productos destacados para el contorno facial como Revolax SubQ, Dermalax Implant o Rejeunesse Shape, puede mejorar el óvalo facial y otras partes difíciles de moldear del rostro durante 12 a 18 meses y es una alternativa mucho mejor a una multitud de procedimientos. tradicionalmente realizado con cirugía plástica invasiva.

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A-Jax Keen Sublime is developed in a brand new factory using innovative technologies like HBCT (Hexagonal Block Crosslinking Technology) that makes the HA gel more stable and resilient to the natural dissolving processed in the body, or the dialysis purification process of the gel, which is a two stage BDDE crosslinking agent removal method, ensuring no harmful residue is present in the end product.

And speaking of safety, the syringe of the A-Jax Keen Sublime sculpting filler is developed using Micro Grinding Irregular Technology, that allows easy usage, constant and even extrusion force of filler application and superior control over the gel spread and the contouring of the specific area. This us further eased when using the high end JBP needle and JBP nanocannula, which are included in the set.

Best usage of the A-Jax Keen Sublime

As its more famous counterparts, the Sublime from the A-Jax Keen brand is best suited for areas where Hyaluronic gel of greater thickness is required. Facial zones like:

  • Chine
  • Nariz
  • Mandíbula
  • Pómulos
  • Cheeks (in cases of severe volume loss)
  • (Severe) nasolabial folds
  • (Severe) glabellar lines

…require excellent stability of the HA gel in order to retain the natural look post application. Once A-Jax Keen Sublime is properly applied to a specific area, be it to fill severe loss of skin volume or to augment, contour and shape facial features, it will remain in place for a period of up to a year and half.

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